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Full Set Lash Extensions: At your appointment we will spend time with you before application and choose with you the best shape and style


(Silk and Mink material) CLASSIC FULL SET is one eye lash extension applied to each and every one eye lash you possibly have) Material chosen and the time used to apply will not change the cost of application (This style is available in all shapes and is the most natural look possible).

Classic Full Set: $129
1st week refill (1-7 Days): $59
2nd week refill (8-14 Days): $75
3rd week refill (15-21 Days): $100
4th week refill (22-28 Days): $110
New Client Touch-up**: $99


HYBRID SET Mixture of one extension applied to one lash and the other ½ are 2 to 3 eye lashes for each natural lash. This is considered to still be natural to a little more dramatic.

Hybrid Full Set: $149
1st week refill (1-7 Days): $60
2nd week refill (8-14 Days): $75
3rd week refill (15-21 Days): $110
4th week refill (22-28 Days): $125
New Client Touch-up**: 110

Volume Eyelash Extension (4D+) $189

A very thin 3-5 or more lashes fan is applied to each single lash individually. Refill

Volume set $189
1st week refill (1-7 Days): $69
2nd week refill (8-14 Days): $89
3rd week refill (15-21 Days): $119
4th week refill (22-28 Days): $139
New Client Touch** $119

* Volume Lashes are designed to fill in the gaps where classic eyelash extensions are not able to. This technique allows us to apply multiple extensions to one individual eyelash. Each extension are thinner and lighter, creating a fluffy soft appearance.

Bottom Fill - a touch up for your bottom eyelash extensions. after all, your top lashes can’t have all the fun.

Keratin Lash Lift 1 hour 15 minutes @ $99

This treatment boosts and lifts the natural eyelash and is fundamentally different from all previously known procedures for the eyelashes such as eyelash extensions or eyelash perm. It is a unique keratin-based lash-enhancement technology. It has been known to increase the length and volume of our clients’ eyelashes as much as 50% from orginal.

Other Services:

Authentic Mink Lashes
Lower Lash Extensions (Bottom Lashes)
Eyebrow Extensions

Refill Policy for Existing Clients

Refill appointments are scheduled by weeks based on the first day of the previous appointment:

1 week Refill (1st-7th Day) 90% of lashes remaining required
2 week Refill (8th - 14th Day) 70% of lashes remaining required
3 week Refill (15th - 21st Day) 50% of lashes remaining required
4 week Refill (22nd - 28th Day) 30% of lashes remaining required

A new set would be considered if passed the 28th day period. If client returns with lashes below our requirement guideline during the refill service, it will be considered as a different week of refills depending on the amount of lashes remaining.

For example:
1 week less than 80% would considered as a 3 weeks refill.
2 week less than 70% would considered as a 3 week refill.
3 week with less than 50% would considered as a 4 week refill.
Client returning for refills with less than 30% lashes will also consider as a new set.

New Client Touch-up Policy
New clients from another salon are welcome to enjoy the touch-up services with a discounted rate. Please note that your existing eyelash extensions from another salon must be done within 2 – 3 week period and have at least 50% lashes remaining to receive the promotional price. This offer cannot be applied to the service for lashes that exceed 3 weeks or less than 50% of lashes remaining, otherwise, a new set would be considered.

** Refill services are for existing clients only, for pricing for our new clients with existing lashes from another salon, please refer to our New Client Touch up service.**

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